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Water Damage Repairs for your iPod

iPod Water Damanage Repair If you dropped your iPod in the sink, down a toilet or spilt beer on it DO NOT TRY AND TURN IT ON! If it hasn't gone off already then switch it off immediately. We have special drying lamps and ultrasonic cleaning tanks. When you send us your liquid damaged iPod we totally disassemble it, clean it and completely dry it.

Once your iPod or iPhone is dry, we test the individual components before assembly. What often happens is that the battery shorts itself and discharges completely preventing any serious electrical damage to the circuit board. Water mixed with copper connectors found on the hard drive, battery, screen and click wheel tabs creates copper oxide as it corrodes, leaving a green/white residue. The quicker the moisture is removed, the less damage by corrosion.

This video gives you an idea what our Water Damage treatment involves