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iPod Nano Broken Screen We often get asked “what's the most common repair that you deal with?”. Without doubt it's the iPod screen repair. Unfortunately until manufacturers like Apple can come up with an unbreakable screen we’ll be stuck with this problem (it’s probably not in their own best interests to make an unbreakable screen anyway!).

iPods are particular susceptible to damaged LCD screens because they are carried around with us all day long. Not like an LCD TV which mainly sits on the wall untouched. To make matters even worse the "touch" screen was invented – so not only do we have a fragile piece of glass on the front of the phone, we constantly poking and prodding it!

It’s not the end of the road for your i-Device

Well luckily all’s not lost if your screen has met a grizzly end. iPod Repair Center would be happy to assist! We can repair all models of iPod, iPhone and iPad and we hold all the screens in stock. We are experts in iPod screen replacement (as it’s the most common repair) and we can even do the screen repair while you wait if you can make it to our store in Central London. If not then not to worry, we offer a super efficient postal service to get your iPod screen repaired in no time.

More about the iPod / iPhone Screen repair service

As well as very quick turnaround, we offer a 90 day warranty with all our repairs. This gives you peace of mind that you’ll never get from a market stall doing repairs. Our engineers are all trained in iPod repairs and we have stringent quality control checks so we won’t send your iPod back unrepaired. We know that your device is important to you – after all, that’s why you’re getting it repaired instead of replaced. We’ll do our utmost to get your iPod back to you in full working order ASAP.

Watch this video for some information on how to fix the most common iPod screen problems

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