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Ľ iPod Speaker Problems

iPod Speaker ProblemsWhen it comes to iPhone speaker problems, you might be surprised to learn that itís not always the speaker itself thatís the problem. Sometimes, something as simple as a loose screw on the casing of your phone, or a dry joint on the circuit board can cause your speaker to give you trouble. Thatís exactly why, when you send your faulty iPhone to us for a problem like this, we start with the simple and obvious, and we check all the possible causes along the way. That letís us find the exact cause of the problem, and sort it out Ė so you get a phone back that works perfectly.

It may take a little longer to diagnose your speaker fault like this Ė but not much Ė and itís a much better method than simply replacing the speaker without first identifying the problem.

Ringer problem

If youíve noticed that a lot of people have been telling you they called, but you havenít been getting the calls, and your messages and missed calls are piling up, then thereís a good chance that you have an iPhone ringer problem. Likewise if you can only hear your ringer when youíre actually looking at your phone, even with the volume all the way up, youíre probably dealing with this type of problem.

Donít worry though Ė help is at hand! If you find yourself with this problem, simply send us your phone, and weíll run a diagnostic to find and fix the problem. Because believe it or not, when you have ringer trouble, itís not always as simple as replacing the faulty ringer Ė sometimes itís a symptom of a different problem entirely.

Home fixes

Have a look at this clip which describes a quick fix for speaker issues with the iPhone and iPod: