Mar 07

5 Ways To Protect Your iPod Touch From Damage

If you have spent your hard earned cash on a brand new iPod touch then it stands to reason that you are going to want to get as much life out of it as possible. You aren’t going to want to spend your money on an iPod Touch for it to break a few weeks later, so it is important that you do what you can to protect it from damage.

Thankfully there are many different, inexpensive ways you can look to protect your brand new gadget as much as possible.

#1 – Use Screen Protectors

Whatever gadget you have, a screen protector is really essential and an iPod touch is no exception. The great news is that screen protectors are really affordable, which means that it is a great way to protect your iPod touch without breaking the bank.

iPod Touch Screen Protector

iPod Touch Screen Protector

Fitting a screen protector can be tricky – but if you place the screen protector at the top of your iPod touch and use a debit/credit card to smooth it down as you go you’ll find it fits perfectly. A screen protector will protect your screen from all sorts of scratches, so it really is essential.

#2 – Keep In A Case

It stands to reason that a case is essential. What you also need to make sure is that it is a case made specifically for the model of iPod touch that you have. An ill fitting case is just as useless as not having one at all. You need one that fits snug to your iPod in order to give it the best protection possible.

#3 -Use Only Genuine Products

When it comes to items like chargers and cables for any gadget, you will always get the official products and their cheaper counterparts. It is always tempting to go for the cheapest option; however this can do your product more harm than good. Where possible, and to give your iPod Touch the best life span possible, only go for official Apple chargers and other products.

#4 -Store Correctly

Many iPod Touches and other gadgets are damaged because they aren’t stored correctly. It is tempting to just keep your iPod in the bottom of your bag or in your jeans pocket. However it only takes for you to drop your bag or to sit awkwardly for you to crack your iPod without meaning to.

You should also make sure that the place you store it in is cool and dry – water damage is very common and of course something that you really want to avoid where possible.

#5 -Don’t Drop It

Obviously one of the golden rules is to not drop your iPod touch. If you do, you are likely to crack the screen. On top of that, you don’t know what damage you might do internally by dropping it.

To avoid this problem make sure that you always hold it correctly and that you don’t have it out while you are walking and can become easily distracted. Most of this is down to common sense and just making sure you do what you can to keep your iPod touch safe.


By following these rules you can help to give your iPod Touch the best chance of a long life as possible – which helps to make sure that you get the best value for money out of your gadget as possible.
However the good news is that, if you do happen to break your iPod Touch and it needs repairing, you can contact the iPod Repair Center to get it back up to perfect condition – at a price that isn’t going to break the bank.

Feb 21

Common iPod problems and how to fix them

Common iPod Problems

Common iPod Problems

The days of having to sit next to a radio or wait for ages to listen to your favourite songs are long gone. The iPod has redefined the world of entertainment, as small as it is you can now instantly download and store thousands of MP3 files. You can easily carry it around as you travel or even when doing the housework. However, like any other technological device, it can develop a number of problems. Here are some of the common problems and how to avoid them;

iPod Screen Damage

It’s the most common problem we deal with and it’s especially due to the small nature of the iPod. It can easily fall out of your pocket when doing your workout or house work, or you could step on it. Such mishaps are common, but don’t fear! We can offer a screen replacement service for your iPod.

Scratched Screen

Scratched screens are also a common occurrence. Often you may store something rough, like your keys in the pocket and this could scratch the screen. Even when cleaning the screen, this could happen. It is almost inevitable to get some scratches on the screen due to the frequency of usage; however, you could invest in a screen protector and make better use of iPods pockets.

Charging Problem

It’s great to have an iPod, however how you use it will also determine just how well it will serve you. Over time, the battery life shortens and you may need to get a new battery. As you connect the charger directly to the socket, power surge could affect it. It is always good to connect the charger to a power surge protector to prevent such occurrence.

Hard-drive Problems

The iPod could randomly reboot when you eject it from your PC or Mac. Or songs could jump or randomly stop. These are signs indicating that your iPod is experiencing some hardware problems. If you still have a warranty, it could be wise to take it back to the retailer, and you could get it swapped, if you don’t have the warranty maybe consider our hard disk replacement services.

Water Damage

You should ideally keep your iPod away from water. Sometimes water could accidentally spill, get into your iPod and damage it. Or maybe you left your iPod in your trouser pocket, and before you know its ended up in the washing machine. We offer a water damage treatment service for these type of issues.

Sad face

In most cases the sad face may indicate a hardware issue. In this case, the best thing to do would be to try and restore your iPod with the latest software available from Apple. Alternatively, if this fails, you could consider send it to us for a Software Issue repair.


The speaker and the ear phones could develop complications with time, especially due to frequent use and, this may force you to replace the speakers or take the for repairs to fix the speaker problem.

These are just but a few of the common iPod problems you may experience. Taking care of your gadget will lengthen its life span.


Nov 23

The New iPod Touch to be Unveiled Next Week – Bright Colors and Hypothetical Workouts

Ahead of the invite-only event organized by Apple next week, the grapevine’s ripe for the picking from anywhere between new color options and a redesigned iPod Touch.

If we’re honest, we’re not really looking forward to the new releases of this year’s iPods. Quite frankly, these devices are so well made we feel no need to replace them despite the years of abuse and the now outmoded memory capacity.

Still we have friends who do more than the occasional (as opposed to hypothetical) fitness routines like running in the mornings or cross-country biking. If you’re new to Apple or you’re simply looking for a reliable, dependable and no-fuss portable music player, don’t spend your money just yet.

Here are a few things you can expect from the iPod Family 2012.


The iPod Shuffle

            The iPod Shuffle has always been the bread and butter from this end of the Apple Store. It’s extremely good value for money thus making it well-nigh the best (and perhaps up to a point, the only) choice for an entry-level mp3 player.

The iPod Shuffle doesn’t only play great music for eons between charges; it does so in magnificent style. Over the years, the same colors have thus been implemented on this barely-there music player, but this year, we think it’s high time that Apple revived some of its best and brightest colors. Those who remember the original Shuffle would definitely get what this is all about.

The Shuffle has the longest battery life per gram on any music device in the world, the best price but possibly one of the worst earphones in the world. Expect this to change with the rumored redesigned ear buds that look surprisingly like mints.


The iPod Nano

The iPod Nano’s always been caught in no-man’s land, right up from its release a few years ago. It wasn’t as light as the Shuffle but it also isn’t really as functional as the iPod Touch. It’s excellent value for money but whose it for, exactly?

While we ponder on its meaninglessness, rumor has it that it’s getting yet another facelift (indecisive much?) if not an outright overhaul. The display isn’t going to be a Retina, quite sadly but the several big names in the blogosphere are suggesting that it’s going to come in with the same flash memory modules as its smartphone cousins.


The iPod Touch

            On paper, the iPod Touch didn’t move any mountains when it was first released. Like the Nano, it was also a second choice for people who didn’t need a new smartphone but were willing to part with a bit more money for a tablet or a mobile.

Despite its floundering, almost limited commercial success, it was a wonderful feat of engineering, nonetheless. Its importance lies not to its value for money or styling. As the iPhone was possibly one of the most important devices made in recent in years, the iPod Touch was its Genesis.

This year, the 5th Generation, will likely dovetail to either a high-end Retina Display or a high-memory, high-speed chassis with some minor cosmetic changes. We’ve seen it happen on the Macbooks and we’re likely to see the same pricing scheme on this year’s iteration of the best music player since the LP.

Do you think it’s still worth it to upgrade your iPods or simply get a refurbished one? What do you think of the up and coming updates?


Nov 21

Getting the Most from Your iPod

Even as Sir Alex Ferguson and his Red Devils lifted the Premiership Cup for a third time in a row, the biggest news of the summer of 2001 was Steve Jobs’ announcement of Apple’s iPod, the first music player to fit a thousand songs in your pocket. A decade since, it’s still the iPod’s biggest selling point – the ability to carry your entire music collection from Meat Loaf to all the Gary Barlow’s you secretly adore.

Whatever brand of music, film or up to a point, gaming floats your boat; here are a few things you should know to get the most out of your iPod.


Keep your library updated.

            Some say one of the biggest drawbacks of owning an iPod is the sheer difficulty of transferring content between devices. Third-party software can give you the ability to drag and drop music between folders not unlike other mp3 players but if you are to make the most out of your iPod, get the iTunes.

It takes a lot of getting used to but it’s worth every minute of building up a music library on this platform. Long-time Mac users will understand but there’s almost a profound sense of joy with having a neat stack of music, replete with album art, genre and year. Paid software can automate this for you but from here on, you’ll have no problems zipping through the thousands of music in your pocket.


Lose the headphones.

Between the most ardent audiophiles and casual songwriters, the earphones have long been a source of complaints. They’re nearly as awful sounding as they are wonderful to look at.

Over the years, Apple has beefed up the sound driver and with the right tweaks the stock ear buds could sound something approaching decency. Do yourself a favor and shell out a few pounds for even the most basic earphones from the big boys who know their stuff.

iPod sports

iPod sports

Take it everywhere.

Those who’ve owned the original Nano or those who got their hands on the limited edition red iPod Video stand as witnesses to the wonders of the iPod. They’re plucky little things that you can take anywhere.

Pop in on a decent dock and fill your flat with some laid-back classics after a hard day’s work. Connect it to your car’s audio and step back to the 90s with Chumbawamba or take the Hunger Games audiobooks to get your kids to behave on long road trips.

If your brand of fun is sweating it out on the gym or cross-country biking, take your iPod with you. With a decent armband or holster, your get-psyched playlist is just a few taps away. You can take it up a notch and get the Nike+ sensor that you slip on the soles of your running shoes. It’ll help you track your miles, be your coach and DJ as it dishes out those tracks that get you over a slump.

The iPod has been called many things, and fluke isn’t certainly one of them. Save perhaps the more expensive models, they can take a lot of punishment – getting crushed in a school bag, dropped on pavement or even very wet runs. Even if they break, they’re easily serviceable and won’t cost more than a few pounds.

Nov 21

What You Need to Know Before Getting an iPod

Between serious audiophiles and casual marathoners, an iPod is the most important piece of hardware you can possibly own. With a few add-ons and accessories, it can instantly turn long, overdrawn caravanning holidays into something actually exciting.

Choosing one seems easy, at first but if you put a lot of thought into it – there are a lot more factors at play here. Sure, they’re made from the same platform: cookie-cutter chassis and boards but if we’re honest, there’s an iPod for everybody and here’s what you need to know before getting one.


How will an iPod fit in your life?

The iPod you’d inevitably get is almost always determined by how you see it filling your needs. We know plenty of die-hard Blackberry users who swear by the power and potential of the Blackberry Messenger but listening to music on these devices is almost pointless.

If you’re into a lot of running or you need something really small, get the Nano. It’s an excellent solution, one of those little it’s-hardly-there devices that can help you while away the time as you put the miles behind (whether that’s on foot or aboard a bus across London).

If you need video or you want to carry around entire libraries of audio books, then you’re better off with one that packs more wallop. If you need a bit of browsing and gaming, the iPod Touch isn’t a bad choice either.


You’ll need more than what’s in the box.

            Clapping on a pair of the stock iPod earphones is almost like listening to fingernails scratching across a chalkboard. If you’re serious about your music, you’ll have to factor in what you’ll spend for the earphones. If you plan on streaming music in a bedroom or your living room, you’ll also need to put a premium on a speaker dock. Some of these double as nifty chargers so don’t be afraid to spend.

Nike+ on the other hand, is one of the most intelligent things you’ll need if you’re a serious runner. It’ll help you track your miles or even make a playlist that helps you power through the strain and pain. With the cheap sneaker insert and a decent armband, you’re golden.


Will you be an iTunes junkie?

            If you’re expecting more from your iPod than tugging at heartstrings and setting the mood right on a nightcap (preferably) with a date, then think about how much you’re willing to spend on downloads. If you’ve already ripped your entire music collection from Queen to Adele, this shouldn’t be a problem. With all the music, the movies and the apps available (if you’re on the iPod Touch) then the costs of owning an iPod can be quite a strain.

Don’t worry about protecting these devices as they’re often built like cathedrals. Dogs can chew on them and hardly leave a serious mark. If you’re a bit touchy with an old beater as the one who’ve tided you over the nth breakup, (or unilateral delusion if that’s what floats your boat), fret not as repair services are dirt cheap. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.

To wrap it up, when buying an iPod, consider:

  • What’s its role among the devices your already own
  • How you’ll ramp up its use with apps and accessories
  • How much does it cost to own one

What else do you consider before getting an iPod? Let us know in the comments below.

Nov 21

What You Need to Know About DIY iPod Repairs

For the past decade or so, the iPod has garnered many awards and it rightfully deserves the title of being the best mp3 player in the world. They’re the most reliable among Apple products in the market, even if you go as far back as the darker days before Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Most problems with iPods do come with quick fixes. As for the hardware, they’re a lot trickier. Here are some things you need to know about DIY iPod Repairs.

Organize your iTunes.

            For what it’s worth, getting your iTunes organized is probably one of the best ways to keep your iPod healthy. If you can spend a few minutes every now and then to weed out corrupt files or songs that won’t play, you’re doing your iPod a huge favor.

Keep your playlists organized and your apps updated. If you’re too lazy to do all that, you can get some third-party software to do all that clicking for you. These solutions aren’t cheap but we’ve found that Sound Hound is a solid choice.


If you’ve got a bricked iPod, it’s probably the hard drive.

            We’re big fans of the ancient iPod classic and we think when these things outlive their usefulness (when they get bricked out of the blue), we like them to die with a little dignity. If you’re looking to squeeze a few more years on your iPod, then roll up your sleeves and get to work.

To open your iPod, gently heat the sides with a heat gun set on low. You’ll notice that the adhesive slowly melts away and you can easily slide an old credit card all around the sides. Use a micro screwdriver or a jeweler’s tool to undo the tiny tabs to get the face plate completely off.

Turn the unit over and you’ll see that the bulk of your player’s insides are really a large hard drive. Again, be very gentle when you loosen the blue sponge. Simply disconnect the pins and then reconnect it again (much like what you would an IDE drive on a PC).

Test the unit and power it on. With a little luck, your iPod’s back to life and should give you a few more months of pure functionality. If that doesn’t work, you can always try to slot in strong bit of paper, like a folded business card to help the sponge prop up the drive. This will help the pins align better.


If that doesn’t work…

You can always gun for a replacement. On most iPods like the early Nano and the First Gen and the Classic, the hard drives get fried with years of use (and abuse). If aligning the pins doesn’t work, you can always get a replacement.

Again, the parts aren’t cheap but if you look around, you can get these parts for a good price online. Just make sure that the seller will stand by his or her product. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories of getting a seemingly well packaged drives only to find out that they’re Chinese lemons.

When you’re going all gung-ho on a DIY iPod repair project, you need to remember that:

  1. iPods aren’t meant to be opened by their users. Doing so clearly violates the terms of your Apple Cares warranty. If you’ve got coverage, send your iPod over to them.
  2. Replacement parts can be expensive and getting them may seem a very risky, especially if you don’t know the sellers. Again, please proceed with plenty of caution.
  3. If you can’t let your iPod die (or at least retire) with some honor and dignity, and you’ve got no idea what you’re doing, send it over to a good repair shops. These people know exactly what they’re up against and you can get your iPod up and running again in a day or two.

Have you tried your hand on some DIY iPod repairs? Do you have some tips to share? Leave us a comment below.

Nov 21

The iPhone 5 has arrived

The New iPhone - iPhone 5

The New iPhone – iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is out and it’s out terrorizing the village, yet again. Despite the recent slew of lawsuits filed by Samsung (and its other Android-toting cohorts) for various copyright and patent infringements, Apple fan boys are having a field day as the rather elitist culture gets its new wave of much-needed upgrades from last year’s offerings. (The cases aren’t due to start until 2014 and the last time we checked, Apple hasn’t lost a single one of these legal squabbles.)

Today, we look at the new iPhone 5; the first smartphone born without Steve Job’s tender, loving (or maniacal, depending on where you stand on the issue) penchant for micro-management. This one is all Tim Cook and we see it on the keynote, the packaging and the new features.

But is the iPhone 5 really any good?

Out of the Box

            The iPhone 5 is a thoroughly brand new product and Apple wasn’t lying when they called this baby, the “biggest thing since the iPhone.” Out of the box, the iPhone 5 is an absolute beast; we kid you not – this thing flies, thanks in no small part to the revamped dual-core A6 processor.

On paper, its 1.6GHz isn’t really blinding quick but to put it into perspective, it’s the same processing speed you’d get from a top-of-the-line desktop computer or a top-shelf laptop around the time Will Young was just starting out.

Add that to a gigabyte of RAM and a discrete graphic processing unit and you get to a whole new level of productivity, social networking and of course, handheld gaming. Web pages are a touch longer; the apps start up in a heartbeat and colors are just absolutely amazing.


A Little on Eating Disorders

            Out of the top of our heads, we can quickly name at least half a dozen other smartphones that can flex the same rippling muscles or crunch the same numbers but none of these rival models can say they’re as sexy as the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is touted as the world’s thinnest smartphone, breaking the under 8mm mark (although this plucky little cellphone maker from China begs to differ). It stays true to form, to the simple and very minimalist design aesthetics that have been the Apple’s signature for the better part of the decade. Think of it as Stephen Hawking’s mind on Sienna Miller’s body. It’s absolutely staggering.

The thinner form factor and the bigger, brighter screen aren’t the only bells and whistles that the new iPhone 5 offers. There’s a much-improved sound quality, the new and rebranded EarPods and the meatier battery that lasts up to 32% more than the previous iterations. We hope these changes the rather common sound problems on the iPhone.


Niggling Doubts and Quibbles

            Overall, the iPhone is a great upgrade to Apple’s line of smartphones but it is by no means, a genuine Concorde moment. It’s ridiculously thin and sitting on it could easily result in a cracked iPhone screen. Investing in Apple Care sounds like a great idea apart from it being ridiculously expensive.

If you’re coming from the iPhone 4S, you’re better off skipping this one and opting for the iPad Mini or saving up for the next model. If you’re from the iPhone 4 and 3GS generation – there’s really no better phone to have.