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Ľ iPod Dock Connector problems

iPod Dock Connector / USB Connector issues

If your iPod, iPhone or iPad won't charge up anymore, or has intermittent problems syncing to iTunes then the dock connector is probably to blame. Over time the dock connector of the iPod can get worn out, and if this happens youíll find that it gets harder and harder to get a connection to the computer, and / or to charge the device.

Dock connectors can also get damaged due to water damage but this is less common. The most common reason they get worn out is because the general day to day usage that the charging port endures.

One of the biggest grips with the iPhone is that it needs charging so often, so itís ironic that there is a design flaw in the 30 pin connector (used on all iPhones until the iPhone 5 as well as all of the iPod Touchís until 4th Generation) in that itís very clunky, only fits in one way and can be very easily damaged if youíre not extremely careful with it. The iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation and iPad 4th Generation now use the Lightning connector for syncing and charging and this is a whole new world for i-device users as itís a whole lot easier to connect and disconnect the cable. Not only does it just slot in easier, but it can be plugged either way up and is much smaller to transport.

The port can be damaged by pulling the cable out too quickly or at an awkward angle, it doesnít help if you have children tripping over the cables, or worse trying to connect/disconnect the device frequently.

Luckily the repair for the dock connector on most iPods, iPhones and iPads is quite straightforward. Apple use a charging connector module that can be replaced relatively easily, however getting into your iPod, iPhone or iPad is where the trouble is, as Apple have made all components very tricky to replace.

Our repair service includes isolating the fault to the relevant component, replacing any components that are faulty and then a thorough Quality Control test following the repair. In this case, this will include connecting and disconnecting the USB cable several times to ensure the device is now charging and syncing as it should.

To see the iPod Dock Connector repair in action - take a look at this video: