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We are no longer offering repairs for iPod Nano models listed below

Disclaimer: Due to a lack of parts and these units become quite old now it is very hard to source parts for them. Unfortunatelly we won't be able to offer repairs.

  • iPod Nano 7th Generation Repairs
    iPod Nano 7th Gen repairs

  • iPod Nano 6th Generation Repairs
    iPod Nano 6th Gen repairs

  • iPod Nano 5th Generation Repairs
    iPod Nano 5th Gen repairs

  • iPod Nano 4th Generation Repairs
    iPod Nano 4th Gen repairs

  • iPod Nano 3rd Generation Repairs
    iPod Nano 3rd Gen repairs

  • iPod Nano 2nd Generation Repairs
    iPod Nano 2nd Gen repairs

  • iPod Nano 1st Generation Repairs
    iPod Nano 1st Gen repairs

We have been providng iPhone repairs since the release in 2007, so you can trust that we'll provide a fantastic service at the best possible price. Remember we use OEM (original Apple) parts wherever possible, and if not possible we'll source the very best after market parts.

The iPhone was launched by Apple in 2007. The iPhone functions as a camera phone, a media player, and a browser (with e-mail, internet browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity).

There are six generations of iPhone hardware however very few people still have the original iPhone, or 2nd Generation iPhone therefore we now focus on repairing the iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS.