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Need your iPhone 5 repaired? Please select the problem:

Screen Repairs

Touchscreen replacement
Black or White Back Case Replacement for iPhone 5
Front and back replacement - including LCD and Touchscreen

Connector & Button Repairs

Dock Connector Replacement
Silent and/or Volume Button Repair / Replacement
Home Button Repair / Replacement

Water Damage Repairs

Water damage treatment and repair

Sound problems Repairs

Speaker not working or fuzzy sound

Battery Repairs

Battery replacement

Other Repairs

Other Faults / Diagnostic Inspection Service

The iPhone 5 is the newest model among the iPhone line of products from Apple. This is a device that is very popular, it sold out in stores incredibly quickly. If you are looking for repair services for your iPhone 5S then this could be for digitizer replacement, touchscreen replacement, loudspeaker ringer replacement, battery replacement, or much more. If your iPhone 5 is not working, it could be because of any of these issues. You need to look into repair services right away, here at The iPod Repair Centre, we can get your iPhone 5 back into fully working condition within a reasonable timeframe. We offer the very best LCD screen replacement services as well as being able to fix most other problems quickly!