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Need your iPhone 3GS repaired? Please select the problem:

Screen Repairs

Touchscreen replacement
Black or White Back Case Replacement for iPhone 3GS [GRADE A]
Front and back replacement - including LCD and Touchscreen

Connector & Button Repairs

Dock Connector Replacement
Silent and/or Volume Button Repair / Replacement
Home Button Repair / Replacement

Water Damage Repairs

Water damage treatment and repair

Sound problems Repairs

Speaker not working or fuzzy sound

Battery Repairs

Battery replacement

Other Repairs

Other Faults / Diagnostic Inspection Service

When you have a broken phone, it isn't just the fact that you are without a phone that is annoying. You also have the worry about how you are going to get the data off of the phone if you can't get it repaired. Here at the iPod Repair Centre we offer a range of iPhone 3GS repair services which should get your handset back up and running as soon as possible!

The great thing about repairing your phone is that it is often much cheaper than replacing the handset. For example, why would you want to replace a whole handset if just the headphone socket is broken? We offer quick and cheap headphone socket repair, so you can get back up and running with ease.

Other common problems include a cracked screen, a broken home button, speaker becoming muffled and even your battery not working as it should. Whatever the problem your iPhone 3GS will be safe hands with us here at the iPod Repair Centre.